I Don’t know Everything, but I do know there is Absolutely No Swimming Naked with Boys

As a paranormal romance writer, I write about things that go bump in the night. Sometimes I may slide a story in about the science of Lust and Love or I may even dig into the history of Horror, but every fiftieth blue moon I’ll write about my daughter.

I try to keep my family issues separate from my writings, but I must admit it’s difficult at times because they all inspire me in some way. Well this morning my daughter, my mini-me, did exactly that; she inspired me and touched me in a way that I must write about it.

Lately she and I have been having a tug-of-war. I’ve been trying to pull her out of the, “I Don’t Know Land.” Parents and teachers are familiar with this place. It’s the place children go when they don’t want to answer your questions.


Adult: “How did this happen?”

Child: “I don’t know?”

Adult: “How do you feel about this?”

Child: “I don’t know?”

Adult: “Why don’t you wear this? Why did you ask me to buy it for you if you don’t even like it?”

Child: “I don’t know?” accompanied with a head shrug and no eye contact.

You get the point of this. A child has the ability answer any question with “I don’t know.” It’s the most frustrating thing, I honestly believe the Intelligence Community could use this technique to teach their spies during interrogations. It won’t take long before the interrogator will refuse ask another question. It honestly works.

Anyway to continue on my saga, I told my daughter she needs to be more responsible for herself and all these “I don’t knows” are over! If you can’t think of an answer to say or do, then do or say what you think I would do.

Surprisingly, the advice worked I started noticing a change; she was being affirmative and living in the moment. Then things took a turn for the worst, my daughter started yelling at her brothers like she was their mother and this morning took the cake. She woke-up happy! My little Diva never wakes-up happy, especially on a school day. I knew then something was amiss.

She said she had a dream that we went on a car ride down to Florida and I lead her to an underground cave that opened out to a beautiful beach. In the dream, she said I dove into the water naked and started swimming with the sharks and held one up over my head. She said it was so awesome that she had to take a picture.

Well….I believe my daughter took my advice too seriously. I don’t know if I should be proud or worried that I’ve set unrealistic expectation?

So this message is to her…

My dearest sweetest daughter (when you are not being moody),

I know you are reading this because I know you go onto my website even though I’ve asked you not too. I need you to know a few important things. First, I loved your dream and I loved your imagination, but I can’t swim with wild sharks. In the real world, I would be shark food. It would be something horrendous to witness. I know this because when I was your age I saw the movie Jaws and I couldn’t sleep for a month and that was just a movie with model type girls.

But I digress, bottom line is I would not swim with wild sharks and I would think twice about swimming with the tame ones at SeaWorld. Secondly, stop yelling at your baby brother over every small detail and stop running off your older brother’s girlfriends. I can take care of those duties. I just want you to start living in your greatness.

Now that I think about that dream again, in case I got the story twisted, “There’s absolutely, NO swimming naked with boys! That is something else I would not do and do not talk to any of my college friends because they are all liars.”

Sincerely Your Biggest Fan,


About shondabrock

I'm a southern in my heart and a northern in my soul. I've had a few bad wines, but for the most part I've enjoyed enough good wines that it makes up for the few bad bottles. I enjoy writing, but more than writing itself, I love telling a good story, taking my reader off on an adventure starting with "What If"…. I'm a sucker for the Paranormal Romance genre. To me, its nice to be released from "What Is Expected" and believe for 250 pages in "What If's". Its like a vacation with out passports, waiting in line and an expensive credit card bill when you return home. Please Enjoy, but more importantly Stay Inspired…
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One Response to I Don’t know Everything, but I do know there is Absolutely No Swimming Naked with Boys

  1. mblaylock4 says:

    The title of this post is freaking priceless. I also love the post itself, but the title takes the cake. And I agree, no swimming naked with boys…at least until you’re a little older. 🙂

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