New Releases for BWWM Paranormal Romance

BWWM New Releases

Here are the latest release in the BWWM interracial paranormal romance genre. This doesn’t mean I recommend them. I haven’t read any of them yet, it’s simply a list of what’s available on Amazon for IR paranormal romance fans.

If you’ve read any of them, share your thoughts about them in the comments section at the end of the post.

Soul of the Vampire Billionaire

Soul of the Vampire Billionaire Books 1-3

Book 1 – 3: Wrongfully imprisoned and facing execution by the Vampire Council, Tiffany and Daniel’s future together looks both short and bleak. But when Daniel’s greatest enemy recruits Tiffany’s abusive ex-husband to help him overthrow the council and bring back the “good old days” of vampire rule, Tiffany and Daniel must face their pasts in order to save themselves and their world. On the run and cut off from Daniel’s mortal assets, will Tiffany and Daniel’s relationship survive a face-off with a soul destroying monster who is controlled by Tiffany’s worst nightmare?

This book contains mature content and is meant for readers 18 and older.


Dragon's Jewel

Dragon’s Jewel

The plan was simple. All Ember had to do was offer the billionaire a free house cleaning. From there, the young black girl could search for the source of his seemingly innumerable jewels. Surely he would never miss a few of them.

Things went wrong for the full-figured thief when she met the wealthy, older white man. Ember hadn’t planned on being wildly attracted to her victim! When he found out what she had done, the punishment he offered both terrified and aroused her – especially when she realized it would be at the hands of a dragon prince…

Dragon’s Jewel is a 100-page stand-alone paranormal romance novella. Due to some scenes of a sexual nature, it is recommended for mature audiences only.


Shifter's Point

Shifter’s Point

When curvy, whip-smart scientist Elle Clark is assigned to a case on the S Files, it comes at a deep personal cost – the case is in her hometown of Schiller’s Point, haunted with demons from her past. Thrown together with her childhood neighbor Agent Lucas Wynter, she knows she’d rather swim in shark-infested waters than admit she has lingering feelings for him. What she doesn’t know is that what waits for her in Schiller’s Point might well be a lot more primal than she could have ever expected…

Bear-shifter Lucas has wanted Elle for a long time; more than he’s ever wanted another woman, but life has kept them apart. Now the two must race to find a serial killer in their hometown, and when the case pushes them both to the edge, Lucas may have to risk his life to find the killer and make sure his mate is protected…


Pleasuring the Alpha

Pleasuring the Alpha (Bundle)

…there’s more to these men than meets the eye. That is, at least, until the moon comes out.

Reader discretion is advised.





Desire of the Alpha

Desire of the Alpha

A BWWM Shifter Paranormal Romance

Reader discretion is advised.





Bad Girls and the Beasts

Bad Girls and the Beasts (Bundle)

No one can resist a hot billionaire. But as the women in these stories soon learn, there’s more to a man than money and wealth. And in the case of these men, that fact may turn swiftly dangerous.

Reader discretion is advised.




Passionate Beast

Passionate Beast

I stared into the moon, forgetting for a moment to be concerned as to where my lover had disappeared.
Then I heard something tearing through the bushes near the fence in my backyard.
I looked down in time to see a great beast stepping over the bushes and climbing the fence. It paused for a moment, perched on the fence, and I was suddenly paralyzed by fear as I realized that it was looking at me.

Reader discretion is advised.


Have you read any of these? Please leave your thoughts below for other readers.


And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out Book 1 and Book 2

of my series, ETERNAL TRACES. Free with your Kindle Unlimited!

Talented cardiologist Meryt Brownstone doesn’t have the luxury of getting involved with people. As an ex-military officer who still works as an undercover mercenary for the U.S. government, personal drama is something Meryt can do without. But the solitude of her life is broken when Dr. Rene Daniels mysteriously appears. Meryt finds herself attracted against her better judgment and is mesmerized by his smart-aleck charm and his piercing blue eyes.

Love may be within her reach, but she is perplexed by Rene’s odd behavior. Meryt isn’t the only one with secrets and hidden agendas. When she is called to duty on a secret mission in Sudan, the adventure begins. Old secrets as well as lost ones come to light. Soon Meryt is catapulted down a mysterious path—a bloody path she may have traveled before.

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What is a BWWM Paranormal Romance and where are they found?

BWWM stories: On the screen and in real life.


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5 Responses to New Releases for BWWM Paranormal Romance

  1. This is a new realm for me. Book 3 of my series is IR.

    • shondabrock says:

      What’s it about?

      • It’s a continuation /spinoff of the Earthen Witch series. This one is surrounding the best friend of the series’ female main character. She finds that she’s not quite supernatural, but something different, elemental. As a werewolf claims her as his mate, she is the only one capable of helping a realm that could destroy the world if she doesn’t keep the walls from crumbling. She is African American and he is Caucasian.

  2. jenwintersne says:

    I read BBW romance on sick days. Today is a sick day. Glad i found your post 😀

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