3 Easy Hacks for Faster Reading


Your To-Be-Read pile is about to avalanche, yet there are so many great new Paranormal Romance titles coming out that you’re dying to read. How can you possibly devour all the stories in one lifetime?

Unless you become a vampire, it’s likely that you’ll never get to all the books you want to read before you die, but there are a few ways you can check more titles off your TBR list.

You can also use these techniques to filter out the mediocre books. Then you’ll be able to pay more attention to the ones that are really worth your precious reading time.

Here are few tips to speed up your reading.

Turn off your inner voice

You may not usually notice, but your brain is repeating every word you read. It might narrate to you in your own voice or it may be James Earl Jones.

You notice it now, don’t you?

It’s called subvocalization, and according to Spreeder.com, that inner monologue is using extra brain power and slowing the reading process down.

Spreeder recommends chewing gum to trick your brain into thinking your mouth is too busy to talk, thus tricking it into believing it’s too busy to subvocalize either.

Next time you read, try a piece of gum and see if it helps!


This strategy comes from Bill Cosby who wrote an essay How to Read Faster. He says to use it if what you’re about to read is long and hard. It’s also useful when reading a new author or an unfamiliar genre you’re not sure about. Bill says,

Here’s how to preview: Read the entire first two paragraphs of whatever you’ve chosen. Next read only the first sentence of each successive paragraph. Then read the entire last two paragraphs.

Previewing doesn’t give you all the details. But it does keep you from spending time on things you don’t really want — or need — to read.

Using the preview method, you can get a general idea of the first few chapters before committing to an entire book.

Scan and cluster

This method involves singling out important words and phrases and ignoring the filler in between. When you read words in chunks instead of each word separately, it’s possible to cut your reading time in half.

Scanning and clustering would not be ideal when reading an author whose prose you really enjoy, but it’s helpful for racing through backstory and boring parts. It’s also great for non-fiction books, blogs, newspapers, and other content that needs to be quickly consumed so you can get back to your Paranormal Romance.


What’s on your TBR list?

How do you find time to read?

Do you have any tips for reading more books?

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I'm a southern in my heart and a northern in my soul. I've had a few bad wines, but for the most part I've enjoyed enough good wines that it makes up for the few bad bottles. I enjoy writing, but more than writing itself, I love telling a good story, taking my reader off on an adventure starting with "What If"…. I'm a sucker for the Paranormal Romance genre. To me, its nice to be released from "What Is Expected" and believe for 250 pages in "What If's". Its like a vacation with out passports, waiting in line and an expensive credit card bill when you return home. An additional note: I've started another blog page for Home Care. I know the two are unrelated, but in my world they are. My paying job is 100% dedicated to Home Care and educating families on their new journey. One of my favorite quotes, I leave with all of my clients. "One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - by Henry Miller Please Enjoy, but more importantly Stay Inspired…
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  1. “Unless you become a vampire?” That is monsterist profiling, ma’am. 😉

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