Author Christina Belcher on Paranormal Wednesday

Paranormal Author Interview with Shonda Brock

Please welcome Christina Belcher, paranormal author of The Bzou Curse and Michelangelo–Spirit Walkers, to Paranormal Wednesday!

About Christine Belcher

“My passion for reading and writing is the fuel that gets me through the hard times of life. It all began in the sixth grade when my teacher gave us a writing project to enter in the “Young Authors Contest”. That spark ignited into flames later in high school and I couldn’t get enough of William Shakespeare or my English Lit class.

I enjoy creating characters that have been where we have been, through the ugly events of life as well as the happy ones. “Amirae’s Moon Spirit” was my first attempt at writing and was also my learning tool. Amirae will always have that special place in my heart.

The Bzou Curse” pulled me to the shifter side of the paranormal realm and guided me through some rough times. Dark and Light will forever be, without the one, the other cannot exist.

Michelangelo – Spirit Walkers” was pure fun, taking a crazy dream my father had and molding it into something twisted and wonderful. My own personal emotions and love of family flowed into its creation.

Currently right now I have several writing projects going on and I am having a blast coming up with interesting characters and places.”

Paranormal Wednesday’s Big 10 Questions

  1. What inspired you to write a paranormal story? I have always been fascinated by the unknown, the magical, and the unexplained.

  2. Do you consider yourself a writer, a want-a-be writer, or a storyteller? Or do you have a new name altogetherI consider myself a writer. Writing is my passion and the only thing that is on my mind 24/7.

  3. Describe your writing. What makes your story and style worth a reader’s time? A lot of times I write about ideas and worlds that I have dreamed about. In this case I wrote down keynotes that my father dreamed about. Of course, I added and twisted into something that I hope will entertain everyone.

  4. How was your publication experience? This is my 3rd self-published work and I have learned much over the whole experience but it has been something that I enjoyed.

  5. Can you give me one of your ‘aha moments’? An Aha moment is when g a life lesson becomes clear to you (got it from Oprah). Ten years ago, when I was a virgin to the publishing world, I was told that I needed to quit switching POV’s too frequently. It wasn’t until three years ago when that project was revised and published again, did those words click in my head. The light bulb went off when I was taking a break and letting myself relax with the first novel in “The Black Dagger Brotherhood” series. I had to stop reading, go back to my project and revise again.

  6. James Bond ordered a martini, shaken, not stirred. What’s your poison? It used to be coffee or tea and chain smoking while I wrote. Now I have quit those nasty things with the help of ecigs and have stayed that way for over a year. Still addicted to the coffee and tea though.

  7. Describe you favorite place to write when all the stars and the moon are lined up perfectly, and your words flow faster than you can write? When I can get alone and turn off all distractions except for some soft meditation music. I have been known to pack up and find a hotel for the weekend.

  8. In golf there’s always that one prefect stroke that keeps you coming back to play the game again and again, no matter how many bad shots were taken. Tell me that one compliment that was given or that gut feeling that inspires you to keep writing. When I write a scene that is so intense with emotions and action, that later when I come back and read it, its hard to believe that I wrote it.

  9. Who do you have to bribe, borrow, or steal from to find the time to create your works? My other half of course and sometimes my children, hence the weekend getaways, *snickers*

  10. The clincher–describe yourself in six words! Caring, passionate, eccentric, imaginative, strong-willed, and loyal.

About Michelangelo–Spirit Walkers

What would you do if one day you woke up from a really nasty dream to find yourself in the body of a cat?

That’s exactly what happened to me. My name is Michael, well now its Michelangelo and I am a cat. Yea, you heard me right.

Apparently a dark spirit or an agent for Death tried to steal my soul before my number was up. I was able to fight hard enough to jump back into a body, into the realm of the living but I landed in a feline.

Now I must convince my daughter and niece, that this feline is their father and uncle before persuading them to help me fight off the zombie attacks from this dark spirit before my time runs out.

Time that is hanging around my neck in the form of an amulet.

When a gypsy witch and her cousin cross our path, secrets are revealed and the sacrifices I must make to win this battle for my soul.

Who would have thought that Death was an entity and would end up saving my life? Unfortunately Death always has a price.

Wasn’t the life of a cat supposed to be lazy?

Thanks so much to Christina Belcher for sharing her writing passions with us! 

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About shondabrock

I'm a southern in my heart and a northern in my soul. I've had a few bad wines, but for the most part I've enjoyed enough good wines that it makes up for the few bad bottles. I enjoy writing, but more than writing itself, I love telling a good story, taking my reader off on an adventure starting with "What If"…. I'm a sucker for the Paranormal Romance genre. To me, its nice to be released from "What Is Expected" and believe for 250 pages in "What If's". Its like a vacation with out passports, waiting in line and an expensive credit card bill when you return home. An additional note: I've started another blog page for Home Care. I know the two are unrelated, but in my world they are. My paying job is 100% dedicated to Home Care and educating families on their new journey. One of my favorite quotes, I leave with all of my clients. "One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - by Henry Miller Please Enjoy, but more importantly Stay Inspired…
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3 Responses to Author Christina Belcher on Paranormal Wednesday

  1. shondabrock says:

    Christina, thank you for sharing your world. I’m always amazed at what inspires us to write. Everyones story is a little different, yet the end is always the same. We Need To Put Words Down on Paper and Create.

    Plus, I’m really impressed with the weekends along in a hotel! Excellent, I’m so jealous.

    Stay Inspired My Friend and good luck!

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