Vampire Romance (INFOGRAPHIC)

Vampire Infographic


Then: Vampires were things of fear and disgust. They could shape-shift to gain access to their prey. Sunlight was painful, debilitating and resulted in death if exposed long enough. Their goal was simply survival.

Now: Vampires possess unearthly physical beauty. Shape-shifting may be alluded to but isn’t common. Sunlight causes pain but can be endured as they now try to blend into human civilization.”

What do you think about modern vampires?

Do you prefer the old scary vampires?

Please leave your comments below!

Source: Vampire 101: A history of the fanged one

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I'm a southern in my heart and a northern in my soul. I've had a few bad wines, but for the most part I've enjoyed enough good wines that it makes up for the few bad bottles. I enjoy writing, but more than writing itself, I love telling a good story, taking my reader off on an adventure starting with "What If"…. I'm a sucker for the Paranormal Romance genre. To me, its nice to be released from "What Is Expected" and believe for 250 pages in "What If's". Its like a vacation with out passports, waiting in line and an expensive credit card bill when you return home. An additional note: I've started another blog page for Home Care. I know the two are unrelated, but in my world they are. My paying job is 100% dedicated to Home Care and educating families on their new journey. One of my favorite quotes, I leave with all of my clients. "One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - by Henry Miller Please Enjoy, but more importantly Stay Inspired…
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1 Response to Vampire Romance (INFOGRAPHIC)

  1. How did I miss this before? Okay…hold everything. “Shapeshifting” is the keyword here; they could ALWAY do this. This isn’t a left side/right side issue, it’s about STEALTH. Vampires are the trap but they’re also the bait. “Oh, how pretty…why is it so dark in here?” Aaaaaaand CHOMP!

    Of COURSE fangs are retractable; ever try to actually talk with fangs in your mouth? Vampires don’t hiss, either…they’re not cats. Who comes up with this stuff? You never saw Legosi’s fangs because he was too cool to flash them.

    To put it into simple terms: NOTHING has changed. You’re still more likely to die horribly being devoured by a vampire than to spend eternity cuddling one. Ugly vamp, pretty vamp, DEADLY vamp. I now return you to your previous PNR reading, probably already in progress…

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