How to Get Rid of a Psychotic Stalker?


ETERNAL BURNS (Book II of the Eternal Traces paranormal romance series) is now available on Amazon. In this installment, Meryt Brownstone finds her lost lover in the deep blues eyes of a Dark Angel named Rene Daniels. Unfortunately, that puts both Meryt and Rene in danger. Good always attacks evil. It’s as if evil is jealous of any kind of delight. So is it not unnatural when Gavin is drawn to the happy couple and sets his distorted sights on Meryt?

Gavin is outwardly charming and handsome, but underneath he’s a trained calculated killer. He is a fellow agent with Meryt under the decisive eye of Jed Deacon. Gavin’s erratic behavior is ignored because Deacon needs Gavin’s analytical and shrewd mind to find a bigger threat, a threat against the very fabric of human life.

What Deacon doesn’t know is that Gavin has allowed a secret infatuation to grow unchecked. Gavin finds Meryt to be irresistible. She’s independent, fierce, and strong. There is no man worthy of Meryt’s treasures except for his charming self. He can’t help but fantasize about breaking down her hard exterior and rebuilding her into something more… into being his feminine beauty and his one prized possession.

Gavin travels to Italy to discover more about the mystery man Meryt is so in love with, but once he locates them together in Naples, he snaps and jealousy takes over. Gavin kidnaps Rene and sets a trap for Meryt. It’s time for fantasizes to become real life.

So what do you do when a psychotic stalker comes after you and your vampire boyfriend? Here are just a few ways to deter him.

1. Go under the radar.

Change your number. Delete your social media accounts. Buy a dark pair of sunglasses and dye your hair.

2. Never go anywhere alone.

Bring a best friend, a family member, or a big, buff relative with you wherever you go.

3. Carry a weapon.

Pepper spray? Brass Knuckles? Or maybe a handgun?

4. Learn how to defend yourself.

Practice until you’re confident with self-defense techniques. Have your weapon of choice always ready and be alert to your surroundings.

5. Call the police and file a restraining order if possible.

Alert the authorities, but be careful your lover is a vampire.


But what ever you do, keep your loved ones close. Because if they fall into the distorted hands of Gavin, he will use them to get the very thing he wants.

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So how does Meryt Brownstone deal with her stalker, Gavin? Read Eternal Burns to find out.


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