Reincarnation: When It’s More Than Just Déjà Vu

reincarnation buddhaHave you ever felt an odd sensation when visiting a new city or country? Maybe you’ve experienced a strange familiarity or perhaps a sadness, a sense of loss for something you can’t remember.

Have you ever had an unexplainable talent for an activity you’ve never tried before? Maybe you’ve picked up a language that takes others years of study ,or swung over a saddle and galloped off on a horse though you’ve never ridden.

How about feeling completely comfortable with someone you’ve just met as if you’ve known him and have been missing him your entire life?

These are just some of the feelings we can’t explain and we usually just write them off as déjà vu. We claim it’s just being a ‘natural’ at something, or ‘hitting’ it off with a person.

But sometimes these feelings can be overpowering and impossible to ignore. We’re compelled to explore these phantom impressions and try to find out if they are connected to a past that is lost to us.

In older religions, like Buddhism, Hinduism, and old African belief systems, reincarnation is understood as a part of life.

In the Igbo people of Africa, before each member of the tribe dies, they will give the others signs to watch for when they are reincarnated. Whenever a new baby is born, the family looks for the clues as to which of the dead relatives he or she is.

reincarnated baby

Most Westerners have abandoned this ancient idea of reincarnation, but that doesn’t keep millions of people who don’t follow these belief systems from experiencing strange daydreams they cannot explain. Although many have pleasant memories, some are plagued by horrible visions and sensations that bring about anguish and confusion.

That is why it is said that by finding out what happened to your soul in the past, you will know why you must face particular trials and must deal with certain people who surround you. This can sometimes give one clarity and purpose, and make it easier to accept one’s place in time and space and the life lessons that come with it.

If you are interested in how to find about who you were in a past life, here are five ways you can go about it–whether it’s just for fun, out of curiosity or to see if your past life has been interfering with your present.

1. Past life app
Yes, believe or not, past life apps can be found in the App Store on iTunes! For most of these applications you just enter your name or birthday to get a description of your past life.

2. Past life do-it-yourself
Sit quietly and meditate for a few minutes, then ask yourself some questions about who you were. What did you look like? Where might it have been that you lived? What time period were your clothes from? Write the first answers that pop into your head. You may just come out with a colorful, imagined character, or you may stimulate your intuition enough to trigger past life memories.

3. Past life guided meditations and mp3’s
Guided meditation and hypnosis are a practical way to try to find out about your past life and can be a good start without spending a lot of money. Check YouTube or this free past life regression mp3.

4. Past life reading
You may go to a psychic, tarot card reader or numerologist who can tell you about who you were in a past life.

5. Past life regression
This is for those who are serious about pursuing the mystery of their past life or lives. Hypnotism is used to reveal repressed memories and can be the most intense and powerful way to explore reincarnation. You won’t be told who you were like in a past life reading. You will be re-experiencing who you were yourself.

What can you learn?
Discovering more about your past life can be fascinating as well as therapeutic. Then the next time you feel like you’ve been somewhere or met someone before, you might just be able to figure where everything fits into the context of your previous life story.

Have you ever experienced past life memories?

Or have you ever tried one of the past life methods listed above?

Please share with us below.

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4 Responses to Reincarnation: When It’s More Than Just Déjà Vu

  1. letahawk says:

    I wonder about this whenever I have this recurring dream about a Victorian house along a sloping main street. I always wake up feeling as though I traveled to a familiar place, although I have no idea where it may be (in my dream I feel that it is a certain town, but there is no such house in that town).

  2. MJShepard says:

    What a very awesome post! I’ve always been fascinated with the whole “reincarnation” thing and that fascination was sparked when I was reading about Ancient Egypt which is something I’ve been fascinated with since I was a little girl. There was a time when I wondered if perhaps reincarnation has something to do with my fascination of all things Ancient Egyptian…of course, I usually chalk that particular line of thinking to Wishful thinking. *Shrugs and laughs* Then again, who knows? Also, this article has sparked an idea for a book, I love it when blogs or articles do that. Thank you!

  3. jolliffe01 says:

    Interesting Post.
    I would love to find out what sort of person I was in a previous existence.
    Surely it must mean something when you meet a person you have never encountered in this life and they seem so familiar to you and you are drawn to them, even when they are stranger to you in this life?

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