You Gotta Love Lust

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Sometimes in life you need a little lust. You know, that adrenaline rush from your hormones letting you know you’re a warm-blooded human.

Remember the first time you spotted that cutie-pie in the lunch line at school? You didn’t quite know what to do or what to say, but you knew that you liked stealing quick glimpses of him from across the room.

Yeah, that was Lust making its informal introduction.

Lust is a powerful emotion. Just saying the word conjures up different feelings, and most of them make you look around to see who’s watching or who’s judging. It made the list of the Seven Deadly Sins and is frowned upon in the Bible. Yet, I can’t help but wonder if Lust was present in the Garden of Eden?

But I am confident God meant for us to have Lust. I’m assuming it’s a part of that reproduction concept. Those of you who have children understand, Lust helps in making you a repeater.

While Lust is not love by any measure, the two sometimes masquerade as each other.

Scientists have tried to define lust as the body’s chemical response to wants and desires. Under further analysis, it was noted when the frontal lobe of the brain is stimulated by lust, it inhibits a person from making good decisions, similar to the effects of alcohol and other drugs.

Yet, the plain truth is Lust is more than a scientific definition!

Lust is a desire that can be very titillating and even a little naughty. Lust is a driver, a motivator, and a craving that won’t be satisfied until it’s been fed. Lust is an indulgence like a shot of expensive tequila. Lust can create feelings so intense, it’s beyond words to describe.

But somewhere in the midst of Lust, when it has you in its fullest grip, it makes your pulse race so fast, leading you to believe that your heart might just burst from your chest.

So what more can you ask from this steamy four-letter word?

Well, in the spirit of Spring go out and find your own adrenaline rush, but I do offer a bit of advice, similar to the government’s disclaimer found on alcohol: Please use in moderation. Remember, it did make the Seven Deadly Sins list for a reason.

How do you create lust between your characters?

What do you think the difference is between lust and love?

Have you ever gotten in trouble because of lust?


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Egyptian Lust Dance


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