Would You Like to Be Touched By a Stranger?

Touch Deprivation.jpg

Why do humans need physical contact?

I wish I could say I came up with this topic all by myself, but I can’t. From previous blogs, I mentioned that I am a magazine junkie, especially when I travel.

Well, while waiting for a flight that was eventually cancelled, I came across this interesting article “The Touch Experiment” by Diana Spechler.

The article’s title didn’t catch me, but the picture drew my eye in. The first few lines were a little sensuous, but who am I as paranormal romance writer not to indulge myself with a little sensuality?

The author describes riding on a bus with standing-room-only after a hard day’s work. It was humid, the traffic was nauseating caused by the bus stopping and going. She was standing so close to a stranger, that with little to no effort they could have kissed.

It was innocent but her leg kept brushing against the complete stranger’s knee. Instead of feeling anger caused by the close conditions or embarrassed, she felt a sensation of relief. Her exact words were, “I wasn’t attracted to him, but after my harried day I sure needed someone to lean on.”

Just a simple touch.

The article reminded me of recent conversation I had with my girlfriend about getting our hair done by the beauticians. I was telling her my favorite part was the shampooing and allowing the warm water to run over my scalp and down to the nape of my neck all while their fingers tips rubbed against my skin.

Again, it was just a simple touch.

In this magazine article, it went on to ask if we are touch deprived? Studies have shown that the human touch is healing. More recent studies have shown it can even decrease blood pressures.

Then I remembered a documentary I saw a few years ago. It followed the lives of children in the penal systems that were left unattended for long periods of time as infants. The documentary wanted show to a direct relationship on the child’s psyche to disassociate themselves to empathy due to the lack of being touched.

Again, it was just a simple touch.

So I wonder if we are not so much touch deprived as it is we are a species that requires being touched to survive?

Anyway, start your own Touch Experiment. Go out and touch someone in a natural non-weird kind of way and draw your own conclusions. And if you have time, read the article. It was pretty interesting, even for a paranormal romance loving, magazine junkie girl like me.

Have you ever been comforted by the touch of a stranger?

Do you feel we are touch deprived?

Please leave your comments below.


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6 Responses to Would You Like to Be Touched By a Stranger?

  1. Em says:

    Honestly I hate being touched by people I don’t know. Sometimes I don’t even like being touched by people I do know. I think it varies person to person, and everyone needs a different amount of contact.

  2. I like to touching and receiving mindful, caring touch from others, it’s definitely something most people don’t get enough of. I teach yoga and one thing I always do at the end of class is offer a little shoulder and head massage while students are in savasana. While they’re laying down with their eyes closed I ask them to put a hand over their heart if they don’t want to be touched, but it’s very rare that I’ll have someone do that, and if they do it’s always the same people with personal reasons why they would rather not be touched by someone they hardly know. I’ve heard from some students that my massage was the first time they had been touched all day, and I teach at 5:30 in the evening!

  3. There are touch people and don’t touch people. If you’re used to being touched and can’t touch, it gnaws at you — something you can’t have. If you don’t like being touched, I’m told it’s like being the no-cat person in the house where the cat won’t leave you alone. That said…is it prudish to say it depends on the stranger?

  4. Great post! I do think that we as humans rely on our senses, so just a simple touch is a good way to connect with someone and whether you know it or not, body language forms a good percentage of personal interaction. 🙂

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