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The Devil Takes It

If God is a giver then the devil must be a taker. Isn’t that how the devil was designed, to be the opposite of everything that is good and righteous? So what happens when he takes all that you have and … Continue reading

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How to Get Rid of a Psychotic Stalker?

ETERNAL BURNS (Book II of the Eternal Traces paranormal romance series) is now available on Amazon. In this installment, Meryt Brownstone finds her lost lover in the deep blues eyes of a Dark Angel named Rene Daniels. Unfortunately, that puts both … Continue reading

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Flesh: A Dark Halloween Short Story

It was now at the foot of my bed inching closer. I knew where it wanted to go. It wanted to fill every orifice. It wanted to be inside of me; it wanted to be in my blood, in womb, in my stomach, in my thoughts, and in my heart. Continue reading

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Last Words…

(I wrote this blog several years ago, but I had to re-release it today. I still remember that soldier and this morning watching the news opened a flood gate of memories of my time serving and my strong feelings about … Continue reading

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