What if Tuesday: Would you go into space?

what if you had the chance to go to space tomorrow.jpg

My stories are created for pure entertainment, to perhaps cause a smile, maybe a laugh, but mostly to take you away from the pressures of the moment to a fantasy and then safety returning home. No passports, no waiting in line, no lengthy layover or huge amount of money required for this journey. The only requirement is to believe in something more. Believe in the What if?

What if Tuesday is all about the what ifs. Every week I’ll post a hypothetical question that you can have fun with and answer. This week’s question is:

What if you were given the chance to go to space? Would you go into the unknown and risk never seeing all you know and love ever again? Why or why wouldn’t you go?

Leave your answers in the comment section, and if this question inspired you to write a story, don’t forget to submit it to my Best Opening Line Contest. Get the chance to win $50 and publicity on my platform.

And no matter what, Stay Inspired…


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Top 10 Amazon Bestsellers (Paid and Free) in Paranormal Romance


I’ve updated the list for the hottest new PNR books featuring dragons, shifters, vampires, and more.

Stock up for cozy reading during the holidays or give them as gifts to anyone you know who loves paranormal romance!

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New #Writing Contest Opens Today!


I hosted a Flash Fiction contest, and I hosted a Best Opening contest. This new contest is even more challenging. Your entry will be short, but a single sentence will have to make an impact. Do you have what it takes to sum up a story and hook a reader in ONE LINE?

Visit my Contest Page for writing contest rules and to enter.


Winning Writing! Do you have what it takes?

Check out previous Flash Fiction Writing Contest Winners here.

Check out the previous Best Opening Writing Contest Winners here.

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Get your free copy of ETERNAL TRACES now!

Dr. Meryt Brownstone is the friendly doctor on your local hospital’s emergency room staff. She is a beautiful, reluctantly 40’s-ish African American cardiologist who cares about her community and each and every one of her patients.

After long shifts saving lives, she lingers in the lab analyzing tests and reports to finalize the development of synthetic blood. Her work is her life, and her colleagues greatly respect her for it.

You would think that when she finally left the hospital and drove to her cozy house in upstate New York that she would curl up by the fire with a cup of tea and a good book. Well, think again.

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Meet My Main Character: Meryt Brownstone of Eternal Traces

ancient Egypt Paranormal Romance.jpg

This is part of a blog hop that I participated in a while back. During the Halloween Season, I’ll be running some FREE Kindle days for my paranormal romance series. I’ll also be starting a new writing contest, so watch this blog! (Subscribe in the sidebar)

In the meantime, get to know my main character, Meryt Brownstone.

Meryt is highly intelligent, instinct driven and hot tempered. She’s the kind of person who must stay busy, but not just busy for the sake of being busy (like in the saying idle hands are the devil’s workshop) but rather busy in the sense of pushing her body and mind further than the day before.

This motto has served her well over the years, as she is a cardiologist and a government agent.

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For those who are damned…

Devil Paranormal Romance.jpg

Damn his love. No, I am not referring to any definition of love found in books written by well-educated men with capital letters following their names.

The kind of love I’m referring to is insane by its nature and is a true contradiction in words. To be honest, it isn’t really love but the reverse of love. You hate yourself and hate this feeling so much that it returns full circle as an animalistic deep yearning that can only be soothed by its master.

This love, or whatever you want to call it, if you were unlucky enough to have possessed it, is the kind of love that brands your soul with a red-hot iron as a testimony of its existence. And then it’s ripped from your grasp once you’ve learned to live with the pain.

I know there are non-believers questioning its presence, consider yourself blessed for your ignorance.

Now for those who are damned due to this Insane Love and are still trying to mingle in with the world as normal and are hoping to once again to find the devil who seduced you, this message is totally for you.

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Love, hate, and extremes in fiction


1. Hate

First thing I know for sure is, its innate within human nature to kill and hate. I’ve watched the news and I’ve read different pieces of literature referencing the criminal mind. I’ve done this all in the name of research for my writing and I have to admit also out of curiosity. But more than my observations and my education, I know myself. Not that I have killed, but I have felt the strong passions of rage, where words no longer expressed my vile hatred for a situation. Where my gut has told me that even if I were to find the words, they would not justify my frustration.

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