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Meet My Main Character: Meryt Brownstone of Eternal Traces

During the Halloween Season, I’ll be running some FREE Kindle days for my paranormal romance series. I’ll also be starting a new writing contest, so watch this blog! In the meantime, get to know my main character, Meryt Brownstone. Continue reading

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Shades of ancient Egypt: Were ancient Egyptians black?

The question of whether Ancient Egyptians were black has been an ongoing debate for centuries. Technically, ancient Egyptians were African, as Egypt is in Africa, but most northern African peoples are from Arab and Caucasian descent. In most ancient Egyptian art … Continue reading

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#BlackHistory: The Lives of Ancient Egyptian Women

When thinking of the women of ancient Egypt, what comes to mind? You might envision slim, bronzed ladies with mysterious black rimmed eyes, and exotic beauties bedecked in gold and jewels with ornately braided hair. You may think of the … Continue reading

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ETERNAL TRACES: Among the Most Popular Interracial Paranormal Romance Books

My IR paranormal romance is among the most popular on Goodreads. Have you checked it out? Continue reading

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