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Black Butterflies

“Not everything is for everybody.” Continue reading

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For those who are damned…

You will know him by the gleam in his eyes that catches you off-guard, and by the fragrance of an expensive cigar that lingers long after he has left. It will be found in the gentle touch from a handshake that demands your attention and causes your pupils to dilate. There is no darkness around, but you know the darkness is coming. The chill in the air says you will soon be covered in his darkness and you can’t wait. Continue reading

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The Monster Within

In the spirit of my Best Opening writing contest, I wrote an opening for what may or may not become a full-length novel. I’d love your opinion. Do you think I should continue? It’s the searching and the longing that … Continue reading

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What Remains: #PNR Short Story Part II

A werewolf is nearly killed by a driver on the highway. As she lay in his arms dying, he realizes that he’s the only one to save her. Continue reading

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What Remains: #PNR Short Story Part I

One rainy evening, Angela swerves to miss a silver wolf and wrecks her car. Guess who comes to save her? Continue reading

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Happy Bloodgivings: A Short Story

“Why can’t we be like normal families?” escaped from her lips as a desperate lonely plea as she turned and balled up the paper and then tossed it into the trash. The useless piece of paper held a name that … Continue reading

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Flesh: A Dark Halloween Short Story

It was now at the foot of my bed inching closer. I knew where it wanted to go. It wanted to fill every orifice. It wanted to be inside of me; it wanted to be in my blood, in womb, in my stomach, in my thoughts, and in my heart. Continue reading

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